Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Danish TV - Pig MRSA 'out of control' in Denmark

This is Denmark and  mainstream Danish TV.

The 'BBC News' is a misleading accidental mechanical mistranslation that we have seen before. We have left the mistake in, although it is clear that it is Danish TV that is refered to in the original Danish report.

Britain's corrupt vetocracy and their awful cover-up ministry Defra will be in turmoil this morning.

The real BBC will be hot on the trail of the real pig MRSA situation in Britain. It is not good and this has been covered up for many years.

This is scandal of the century and will inevitably lead to a Royal Commission of Enquiry and the reform of the veterinary establishment in Britain.

Full Danish TV report here, as always, read in full and remember that it is a mechanical translation of the published transcript.

Harmful pig bacterium spreads rapidly between humans

Last month was found more than a hundred new infections. This is the highest number so far.

PM. 07:00

By Morten Frandsen

In the month of July were 105 Danes to know that they are infected with the multidrug-resistant swine bacterium MRSA CC398, which so far has cost four people their lives at home.

This is the highest number of new infections that are found in a month.

Out of control

In 2009, found 43 infected. Last year the number had skyrocketed to 649, and this year we are already up to 575, figures from the Statens Serum Institut.

- What this shows is that it is an epidemic that is completely out of control, says Hans Jørn Kolmos, professor and chief physician of clinical microbiology department at Odense University Hospital, told BBC News...

More will be tested

...- There is no doubt that we have seen a real increase. We can see that
there are several who have had infections, because they were sick of
the bacterium, said Robert Forest BBC News.

Many pig farms infected

It is estimated that up to 70 per cent of Danish pig herds are
infected with MRSA CC398, and it is particularly dangerous when the
pigs get large amounts of antibiotics. This makes the fact resistant
and thus much harder to fight in humans.

From the pigs have bacteria spread to humans. Initially, those who
live and work near the sties, but since the bacterium has begun to
spread from human to human.

Thus, none of the four victims, who worked with pigs or had contact
with someone who did.

The authorities' responsibility...

Hans Jørn Kolmos is no doubt explains why pig bacterium spreads so

The minister's plan

Before the summer holidays launched Food Minister Dan Jørgensen one
five-point plan to contain swine bacterium to the stables.
Whether it works is still too early to say.

Not everyone gets sick

It's far from all who are infected with MRSA CC398 who get sick.
According to the Serum Institute, about one in five of those infected
who have been in years, had been ill.
But even if you do not get sick, you can still transmit the bacteria
to other people.

Antibiotic consumption stagnates

Consumption of antibiotics in the Danish pig farms peaked in 2009,
then followed a few years of decline, but in 2012 and 2013,
consumption increased again.

The latest figures for 2014 show that antibiotic consumption is
basically the same as last year, however, it has been a marginal
decline of 0.4 percent.