Saturday, 9 August 2014

Pig MRSA - Denmark is in worse trouble. Picture published.

It took an alert blogger to find the picture, save it, back-track and publish.

Not me, Mr Hansen.

The Danish government are getting ever deeper in the mire. Soon, Britain will be enmeshed in a much more determined drive to force reform.

In Britain, it will be similar disasters and deceptions, exposed by deleted and altered documents, media releases and webpages, that will be critical.

Much can be found in the archives of the British newsgroup,

Don't post there, you will attract abuse and stalkers, just access the archives: for example on Google Groups, here - there are other archives elsewhere too.

Anyway, here is the blog from Denmark, don't miss the picture: it is a classic and read in full, the mechanical translation is adequate.

Severe criticism of the newly appointed MRSA advisor

Published August 9, 2014 | By Kjeld Hansen

The national MRSA adviser relaxed attitude to pig MRSA infection appears clearly from this slide from (Official Named) official powerpoint presentation, which holds National Board of Health and Agriculture and Food of common positions and statements. After the unveiling of the first four deaths from swine MRSA is talk however been deleted. You can see it here ...