Thursday, 28 August 2014

Denmark currently sampling 200 Danish pig herds for MRSA

A helpful report on the Danish government meeting yesterday, seeking to find a strategy for handling MRSA st398.

It is a pity that the British government continues to rely on testing a tiny number of shed dust samples taken years ago, on the instructions of the EU, to continue to insist that the pigs on the island of Great Britain are free of MRSA st398.

They have admitted MRSA st398 in Northern Ireland, and the same MRSA strain in the milk supply and poultry in Great Britain.

Britain's corrupt government veterinary service and their non-government cronies are obviously going to get caught, not least by the people of Britain.

The reformers now need to throw caution to the wind and insist on change. They are late and too slow.

As always, read in full here.

Resistant bacteria pigs get ministers to sound the alarm.

Staffan Dahllöf

August 28, 2014

Food Minister Dan Jørgensen and Health Nick Hækkerup screws now up efforts against the resistant swine bacterium MRSA CC398 that thrives in Danish pig farms, which so far has caused at least four deaths in Denmark.

"Food Administration is currently sampling of 200 herds. The results will be available later this year. But I can say already that we can expect that 50 per cent. or more will prove to be tested positive. I have therefore asked for a reassessment of the risks, "said Dan Jørgensen in an open meeting of the Food Committee yesterday.

"It is terrible if there are diseases that we can no longer treat. The infection from pig-MRSA is now increasing significantly stronger than other types of MRSA, "added Nick Hækkerup...