Monday, 4 August 2014

EU - Antibiotic Resistance: 25,000 deaths per year, and counting

This is the Danish investigative journalists republishing the Swedish Sunday press.

Oddly, the writer's  first liner shipping agency so long ago was Mathies Reederei Swedendienst gmbh, with ships from Greenwich and Felixstowe to and from Stockholm and other Swedish ports.  So, in a way, we are  "Serving Sweden" from England again after so many years.

We are very conscious of the daily human death toll after a decade of cover-up and deliberate delay.

As always, read the full report in mechanical translation here.

The cost of antibiotic resistance: 25,000 deaths per year, and counting


European authorities have no records on the new spread of resistance germs from pigs to humans. Scientists say the total death toll for resistant antibiotics is outdated and too low.

The news of four deaths in Denmark caused by infections from livestock associated (LA) resistant germs has not reached European authorities, except through media reports.

The European Centre of Disease Prevention and Control, ECDC, based in Solna, Sweden keeps no record of infections from different strains of resistant bacteria...