Monday, 25 August 2014

Denmark - Pigs - Doctors criticize Danish MRSA plan.

Who would have thought that little Denmark would become the superbug battleground?

Despite their dependence on pigs, perhaps even because of it, this is where protest and reform flower, despite the arrest of journalists exposing the true situation.

Inevitably, Britain's medical profession will soon get seriously involved in the deplorable livestock associated MRSA situation in Britain.

The NHS have the numbers, power, prestige and, above all, the public support, to have Britain's corrupt vetocracy put out of business within days.

Britain cannot continue to expose human medicine's most vulnerable patients to life threatening veterinary disasters caused by the naked greed and abuse of power of the veterinary industry under-regulated by lethargic government.

Here is the report from Denmark's prestigious "The Engineer" leading the call for change.

As always read the mechanical translation, in full, here.

Doctors criticize Danish MRSA plan: 

We must put into sties

Leading consultants calls for combating the infectious MRSA bacteria on pig farms. It is no longer enough to try to keep the bacteria isolated on farms, such as the minister does.

By Helle Maigaard Erhardsen August 25, 2014 at. 11:33

We can not do more in hospitals than we do in advance to limit the contamination of pig MRSA.The resistant bacteria has already spread to the community, so now the infection dealt with at source, as are the pigs in the Danish housing.

This is the reaction of senior consultants on three of the clinical microbiological departments, according to the latest figures from the State Serum Institute shows that in the first six months are found just as many Danes infected with the bacterium that was found last year...

... Food Minister Dan Jørgensen (S) recently submitted five-point plan contains no measures to remove the infection in pigs in barns. The plan focuses instead on trying to keep the bacteria in the barn doors. But that's not enough, consider also professor and head of the clinic at the National Hospital clinical microbiology department Niels Frimodt-Moller...

...Consultant and head of research at the department of clinical microbiology at the University of Southern Denmark Hans Jørn Kolmos has previously called for action against bacterial proliferation in piggeries. He criticized recently in an interview with The Engineer that the minister refuses to follow Norway's ongoing attempts to eradicate MRSA-infected pig herds...

...And it is precisely the rapid increase in the spread of MRSA CC398 is very serious perspective, says Svend Ellermann-Eriksen.

"The biggest problem is long-term, because if the bacteria become more prevalent, we may have to use the strongest antibiotics to all patients with infections before a screening can identify the bacterium in question. And then we run the risk of creating resistance in the last antibiotic that we have, "says the consultant...

...For the second time, the Food Committee convened Food Minister Dan Jørgensen (S) and Health Minister Nick Hækkerup (S) in consultation for an explanation of the fight against swine bacterium.The open consultation will take place on Wednesday, August 27.