Saturday, 16 August 2014

Horsemeat - Yet another Defra cover-up!

The British Government can't publish the report. There is too much associated veterinary crime that would be exposed, not least some connected to the  horse racing industry and prominent cronies.

So much for government promises of transparency, not least by the Prime Minister, Cameron, who claimed, correctly, that international criminals were responsible.

The Guardian news report is here.
The unconvincing Defra response is covered by The Independent here.

Anyway, The Guardian headline:

Official report into horsemeat scandal shelved amid new food safety fears

Publication of inquiry into 2013 food fraud delayed after national salmonella outbreak and reports of contaminated chicken

Felicity Lawrence

The Guardian, Friday 15 August 2014 19.47 BST

And The Independent follow-up:

Horsemeat scandal: Defra denies delaying report to avoid embarrassing ministers

'The report will be published shortly' asserts spokeswoman