Friday, 8 August 2014

Pig Mrsa - 'I feel like a leper.' Major Update

Pig MRSA seen from the front line in Denmark's pig farms by a victim.

It is an unusually bad machine translation, however we can get the main points.

"I thought that it is a smear campaign against agriculture!"

The full article can be found here.

August 8, 2014 at. 07:00

By Morten Halsk

Infected with MRSA: I feel like a leper

3F'er Kenneth Sorensen talks about what it's like to be infected with swine bacterium MRSA - and to be resistant to various kinds of antibiotics...


Update, we have managed to locate a rather better report-translation. One that is likely to disturb the many ladies, veterinary, pig farming or otherwise.

Britain's corrupt, mainly male, veterinary establishment are going to have to come with some rather better explanations for the lost 14 years. They are going to face a female revolt.

The reform should start by stopping organised harassment of critics. 


MRSA-infected North Jutland: I felt like a leper

When his girlfriend giving birth was the staff were in space suitswith mask and visor for the eyes

NORDJYLLAND: A 33-year-old now former head of a North Jutland pig farm is one of the victims of the increasing presence of multi-resistant bacteria MRSA pigs. According to Statens Serum Institut, in 2007 identified 14 cases. Until April 2014, which identified a total of 1,552 cases. There is no control of the infection, says Professor to 3F.

Kenneth Sorensen in 2010 was hired as manager of a North Jutland pig farm. In the spring of 2012 was a pregnant colleague tested positive for MRSA. Then, Kenneth Sorensen, a Romanian employee and employer also tested positive.

Also his girlfriend is tested MRSA positive. When she would give birth in 2013 the couple were isolated.

- The staff is in space suit with mask and visor for the eyes, and they wear gloves, says Kenneth Sorensen.

In January this year, Kenneth Sorensen during off a sow. Work injury developed into hernia. That he was operated on for Hjorring Hospital, where they have contingency against infection. In July he got an abscess. His doctor took a swab of the wound. Three days later, the operator told that his MRSA bacteria are resistant to everything.

Kenneth Sorensen had to wait a week before he came into treatment. Lægehuset knew no form of antibiotics that would work on him. It had to be from the microbiology department at Aalborg Hospital. They have a kind of antibiotics Kenneth Sorensen MRSA bacteria are resistant to.

Professor of Clinical Microbiology at the University Hospital of Odense, Hans Jørn Kolmos think there is a drastic increase in the number of people infected with MRSA.

- There's no track of pig MRSA in Denmark. It is deeply worrying, says Hans Jørn Kolmos.

- The dramatic rise of pig MRSA offers greater opportunity for infection between people. This means that the bacteria easily adapts to people, and thus have the easier to spread. It's a vicious circle, says the professor to 3F.