Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Possible import route identified for Northern Ireland's LA-MRSA case

Pig World, although I think the ownership has changed, remains the official publication of the NPA and via them the NFU, so their reports have to be taken very seriously.

Something is afoot. Look at the dates. The date of publication at the head can't be accepted as reliable as it reports matters coming some days later. It's a mistake of course, and August 4th  or later for publication seems reliable.

It looks like a whistle-blower has been at work. Good for them! These are very serious matters impacting on human health in the island of  Ireland and elsewhere.

We now get the admission that pigs were taken into the unit over two years ago.

So where did the "imported" pigs come from?

Probably local or Southern Irish, even Scotland or England. The term is used widely and may not mean "imported" in the traditional sense of "from abroad," merely incomers into the unit from anywhere.

Veterinary propaganda is no respecter of the English language, seeking quite disgracefuly to redefine non-scientific terms to mean something to suit their cause.

But whatever the origin of the LA-MRSA, it looks as if someone has some explaining to do. But, we won't be holding our breath.

So, we now know that, despite all the assurances from devious Defra and its corrupt veterinarians, LA-MRSA has been present in Britain's pigs for at least two years, and it looks as if they have been caught hiding it up yet again.

You see the comments about events in Norway and Denmark too.

Full 'Pig World' article here, be sure to read in full.

Possible import route identified for Northern Ireland's LA-MRSA case

July 31, 2014

The recent case of the weaner in Northern Ireland that tested positive
for livestock-associated methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus
(LA-MRSA) could be linked to imported stock after all, writes Graeme

Late last week Nothern Ireland's Department of Agriculture and Rural
Development (DARD) told Pig World that there had been no imports of
stock onto the unit, but it updated its statement today (August 4) to
say there had been no imports in the past two years...