Thursday, 28 August 2014

Denmark - Government - All breeding stock should be screened for MRSA

From Danish TV today, a slightly different story of Danish government intentions.

This chimes with Britain's former Chief Veterinarian's recent doubts about the pig pyramid system and, indeed, the real reason for so many epidemics - live pig movements.

But it also seems to suggest delay to  the process of mass herd screening. Maybe we will still get the results for 200 "herds" this year.

The statements are not mutually exclusive and the situation is desperate.

Full TV report here, as always read in full and understand that it is a mechanical translation.

All breeding stock should be screened for MRSA

Dan Jørgensen will screen all breeding herds for MRSA. It emerged during discussions in the Food Committee yesterday.

Food Minister Dan Jorgensen will now increase our efforts against MRSA. Food Minister will screen all breeding herds for MRSA CC398. It writes Landbrugsavisen.

- There is no obvious solutions to combat MRSA.One of the things that could be an option is to look into breeding top. Therefore, I have decided that we test all herds for breeding top, says Minister Dan Jorgensen.

New plans 

The Minister has previously stated that to be tested five to 10 herds
of breeding top. With the new announcement, he goes into a new, more
aggressive direction...

...It is not yet known when the screenings to be made.