Friday, 22 August 2014

Denmark - MRSA st398 - A pig industry built on tetracycline.

Danish scientists provide an unusual mathematical comparison in an editorial on MRSA st398 in pigs and people and expose a pig industry built on tetracycline.

Be sure to read in full here. It is a mechanical translation, of course, but the main points are clear enough.

Editorial: Impotent level - swine bacterial put the Danes chess

By Arne R. Stein Mark August 22, 2014 at. 07:03

My reward is simple. A grain of rice on the first field. Two of the other four on the third, and so on. The Spirit of chess origin are well known: the cunning inventor cheated his ruler who came to owe him rice equal to world production for nearly a millennium.

The question is whether a similar model for exponential development hiding behind the latest figures for infection rates of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus cc398 - pig MRSA...

... But Denmark distinguished by a very large, highly concentrated and efficient pig, which is based on the use of tetracycline. It looks undeniably a dead end not finding ways and discuss the far-reaching steps. Queue at the wash basin is clearly inadequate when it comes to eliminating cc398.