Saturday, 30 August 2014

Denmark "… undiscovered deposits of pig-MRSA around Europe…?"

"… there may be undiscovered deposits of pig-MRSA around Europe…"

Now, where could they be?

I think there is a Danish tongue in cheek. They know better than anyone.

This was quite inevitable.

This story is widely reported in the Danish media.

We now know that the MRSA st398 has widely spread into the human population in Denmark with deaths and that pigs are the prime carrier of MRSA st398.

We are now told that the EU does not know what is going on and, frankly, does not seem to care.

But we can add something to the story to aid the EU.

We know that even quite recently live piglets were being exported from Denmark into Scotland (probably into England too - anyway live pigs have certainly moved from Scotland into England carrying other diseases, which boils down to much the same thing.)

We know that Northern Ireland has recently admitted MRSA st398 in a single piglet.

The island of Great Britain and the Irish Republic claim, not very plausibly, not to have found MRSA st398 in their pigs.

We also know that even in 2000, a very senior Scottish government veterinarian was faking tests in English pigs during the Swine Fever epidemic and threatening anyone protesting.

The matter was reported to Maff-Defra, who joined in the intimidation with enthusiasm. Things became very serious.

The matter was reported to the Chief Veterinary officer, Parliament at Westminster, MP's, Police and, when intimidation continued, to OLAF the Serious Fraud Squad of the EU, who found to their horror that their secret plans for fraud inspections in Britain were common knowledge in Britain.

They raided a Maff-Defra office, but nothing was done.

Finally, under pressure, the investigation was moved by MAFF London to MAFF's Edinburgh office.

Serious criminal offences committed in England by Scottish and British government veterinarians were judged by government veterinarians in Edinburgh who, not too surprisingly, found no case to answer.

Then came Foot and Mouth...

Is anyone surprised that Europe's pigs are sick with children and the vulnerable dying?

It is a vast veterinary pyramid of fabrications, fraud and lies.

Perhaps those seeking to leave the EU, and those trying to protect the integrity of the UK, should turn some attention to this fiasco. Indeed, both sides of both arguments should be interested.

The financial implications and threats to human health are massive.

The full Kristeligt Dagblad story is here. As always read in full and be aware that it is a mechanical translation..

The EU has no overall knowledge of pig bacteria

Ritzau August 30, 2014 01:35

At a consultation of the Food Committee Wednesday said food minister Dan Jørgensen (S) maps the lack of oversight at EU level about the spread of swine MRSA. He calls it a "huge problem" that there is a picture of the spread of the disease in Europe...

...Four Danes have died as a result of infection with antibiotic-resistant bacteria from pigs and an increasing number of people are infected with the bacteria. At EU level, there is no overview of the spread of the deadly MRSA CC398-bacterial, also known as pig MRSA.

Therefore there may be undiscovered deposits of pig-MRSA around Europe, as the authorities do not act against and which can spread across countries when infected people cross borders, and when piglets and pigs transported between countries...